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Card Crafting

February 12, 2010

Handmade cards and stationery are something I love to create–but don’t actually find time to do very often. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to pull out the craft supplies and make something special. I know that’s really intimidating for some, but it really doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple handwritten note is a keepsake. But, if you want to do more than that, here’s some ideas to get you started.

(Image: BH&G)

Muffin Paper Photo Flower Cards


Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers


Queen and King of Hearts Valentines (Make sure you follow the links for a free printable template)


Hand-Shaped Valentines (How simple can you get?)


Custom Photo Valentine (If you’d rather create your crafts on the computer, this is the perfect thing for you. Follow the link to the free down-loadable Photoshop template.)

Happy card crafting!

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  1. February 12, 2010 7:58 am

    I love that you’re blogging so much again – your ideas are terrific!

  2. February 12, 2010 8:58 am

    Aw, thanks. I’m glad to be blogging a bit more too. I was so busy with photography jobs the end of last year and with exhaustion in Jan. I’ve been revived a bit! 🙂

  3. February 12, 2010 10:28 am

    I think I may actually do some of these w/ the kids…or at least some v-day cards. LA will be at work all day tomorrow, and it’ll be a good thing to fill our time with, doing together. IF Josh is working, ya wanna come over and join us in our card creating? 🙂 Thanks for the link to BH&G site…I’m going to check out some of their ideas and heading to Walmart soon. Let me know if you want to join us tomorrow. I have a class for Bella at the Y at 10 a.m if it’s not cancelled. WE’ll get home around 11 and be home from that point on likely.

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