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Dance by the Light of the Moon: II

August 26, 2009

She was sitting at the table one day and I asked her what she was eating.  It looked strange to me.

“It’s buttermilk and cornbread,” she said.

“It smells weird,” I commented.

“I used to eat this when I was a little girl,” Nanny said, dipping the bread into the milk. “My mother would churn it in a big barrel.  We’d watch the milk splash through a little window in the side of the barrel.”

Certain foods bring back Nanny to me.  For instance, every time I eat vegetable soup.  I’ve never tasted any vegetable soup as good as Nanny’s, not even the kind my mom makes.  Nanny loved food, and I think I inherited that love from her.  One of my favorite things to do when I was about five was to look at the beautifully photographed pictures of food in my mom’s cookbooks.  Going to Nanny’s house meant I got to eat things I usually didn’t get to eat at home.  Nanny would share special treats with me.

Nanny was diabetic most of the time I knew her, so she was supposed to be careful about what she ate.  She would have nutri-grain bars (I loved nibbling around the chocolate chips to save for last) and Jell-O that wiggled in the bowl when I ate it.  She drank coffee and let me have sips.  She had a hard time being diabetic and didn’t always do what the doctor said.  She loved her sweet food, and sometimes we’d visit her unannounced, catching her in the act of eating a huge piece of chocolate cake.

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  1. August 26, 2009 3:11 pm

    sounds like my mom; although, she doesn’t even try to hide her treats. This last trip home, I opened her top “locked” cabinets…(that are never locked anymore) to find an BJ’s sized bag of chocolate chips, opened/unsealed. When I asked my mom about it, she said, “I don’t even bother sealing them so that I can just reach in a grab a handful.” 🙂 Ya wonder where I get my sweets addiction? I blame it all on her. Isn’t always our parents’ fault? 🙂
    Enjoying your story.
    Thanks for posting it in snippets. I can read that little bit everyday.

  2. bethyoung permalink
    August 28, 2009 8:36 pm

    This is great. I’m pretty sure I would have loved that wild Nanny of yours!!!!

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