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July 17, 2008

I posted previously about my new website. Well, at the time it was only half done. Now I’ve added links to my photography and added a design portion to the site. I’d wanted to actually make the design portion a separate domain, however, I didn’t realize that with the account I have with Mac (now Mobile Me) it only allows one personal domain. I’d have to spend about $50 for another one. Too bad I didn’t realize that before, and for now I don’t want to spend the money, so I’m sticking to what I have. So, let me know what you think! Click on the image above to go to the site. It seems to be working fine except for the contact page. Here’s an assignment, should you choose to accept: try emailing me from the site and tell me what it does. From my computer, it opens my default mail, which I don’t actually use for email. The whole point of the contact page is to not let that happen! I can’t get it to stop doing that, despite looking up the html online and coding it multiple times. Anyone who know html want to take a look at the code on that page and help me out with that? I don’t know what’s going on!

On a different note, here’s a shameless plug. I know there’s a lot of pregnant mamas out there reading this. If you’d like to do a photo shoot with your little one when he/she arrives, let me know! I can do a photo shoot/announcement package so you can send an announcement with a photo and all the important details to your family and friends when your little bundle of joy arrives!

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  1. July 17, 2008 3:15 pm

    Hey you!

    Just wanted to say that this all looks fantastic. I love the banner, too, on your blog. I love the simplicity and joy in your design aesthetic.

  2. July 17, 2008 6:45 pm

    It looks great, Danielle! Nice work!

    I tried to use your contact form–I like that contact method much better πŸ™‚ –but it’s like the bottom half is cut off. There’s no “submit” button. No idea what the problem is, though.

    One quick edit–you’ve got a missing word in the last sentence, first paragraph of your intro letter πŸ˜‰

  3. July 17, 2008 7:02 pm

    Thanks Amy for catching that edit! I still had to read it twice to catch it . . . I just kept mentally inserting the “to”. So weird how that works. Yeah, I’m trying to figure out the contact form. I replaced all the html again today! I can see it all perfectly, but it just doesn’t work properly, and you can’t see it all! I have no clue as to what’s going on. It’s frustrating because I really want to figure it out!

  4. Julia permalink
    July 18, 2008 10:30 am

    I tried the contact thing and it worked fine (both the contact link up top and the one in your paragraph on the main page)! It brought me to a page to type in my name, message, etc. Did you fix it??

  5. July 18, 2008 1:37 pm

    Julia, did you actually send the email, because if you did, I didn’t receive it.

    Hmmm, Amy, could you take a look again on your end? I replaced all the code since you last posted this comment and since Julia can see everything, I’m curious if you can.

    If I can’t get this fixed in the next day or so, I’ll have to go back to the old format of it just opening your default email (sorry Amy, no you don’t like that and neither do I). I’ll keep my email address visually on there too, though.

  6. bethyoung permalink
    July 18, 2008 3:01 pm

    You’re site is awesome!!!! I love it.

  7. zoanna permalink
    July 19, 2008 3:11 pm

    I sent you an email using the “contact me” link. In case you don’t get it, I said your write-up looks great. I found a typo. The word “stationery” should have an “e” not an “a” in it.
    (The paper kind of stationery.) I also said I hope this turns out to be a prosperous venture for you.

  8. Julia permalink
    July 20, 2008 8:03 pm

    Ha, no I didn’t actually fill out the form. What a concept! Sorry for my lack of brain cells at that point. πŸ™‚ However, to make up for it… Steve took a look at your code and found the problem within about 12 seconds. I’ll email you his explanation and solution!

  9. July 21, 2008 7:56 am

    Thanks Zoanna. It’s nice to have fresh eyes take a look at it. Julia, thanks for the email (and thanks for Steve for taking a look). I’ll try to take a look at his solution and get it working!

  10. July 21, 2008 10:39 am

    Hey Danielle,

    I emailed you from your contact page – just checking to see if you got it.


  11. July 21, 2008 11:18 am

    Okay people. Still can’t get the contact form problem worked out, so for now, my “work” email is on there and you can copy it and paste it into whatever email you use, or click on it and it opens the default mailer. It’s not what I wanted but it works.


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