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Leave it to Em

December 20, 2006

Well, I was going to post a picture of my tree, but it’ll have to wait. My digital camera isn’t quite up and running yet. I need to install my image rescue software but there was a problem with it so I had to get tech support, which was really cool, actually, because it’s 24 hour online support like a chatroom. It was actually great! I probably got help fast than if I’d called and been put on hold forever.

Anyway, instead I’m posting my latest logo design/business card project I just completed for a good friend. I had such fun doing this for her. I took off her personal contact info for the sake of her privacy, since this is the big world wide web. Anyway, this was one of the more challenging logos, not in the sense of conception, because I know her so well we had an idea right away of what she wanted. But execution with all the drawing was a challenge. However, we’re both so pleased with the result. My friend was great because she knew exactly what she did and didn’t like and gave me lots of feedback and examples. (Copywrite: Danielle Jones, 2006)

Leave it to Em

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  1. December 21, 2006 7:58 am

    love it!

  2. December 21, 2006 8:30 am

    Adorable! I can’t decide which I want most, the dog, the food or the skinny waistline. I guess if I walked my dog every time I had a plate of food….

    Lotsa talent, there, Danielle. You and Sacha (who made a logo for my Zo Z’s Cozies) really know how to design logos!

  3. Ashleigh permalink
    December 21, 2006 9:18 am

    Danielle, love it! It’s such a perfect look and feel for the services and name!

  4. December 21, 2006 11:52 am

    THAT IS ADORABLE!!!!! I love it!! Too cute.

  5. December 21, 2006 12:00 pm

    Great job Danielle…it is so CUTE! I just love it 🙂

  6. bethyoung permalink
    December 22, 2006 9:45 am

    that’s a really snazzy design. You’re brilliant 🙂

  7. December 25, 2006 1:18 pm

    May your knowledge and experience of the riches of God’s grace, abundantly lavished on us through the gift of His Son as our Savior and King, warm your souls and brighten your days through this holiday season. Merry Christmas! -bill

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