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Touched by Katrina

September 6, 2005

I wasn’t aware I knew so many people from New Orleans. Well, I guess I don’t know them personally, but quickly, last week, I discovered many people I care about have family in that area when Katrina hit the gulf states. How thankful I am that everyone’s family members are now safe!

My co-worker’s in-laws all live in New Orleans and survived the storm at a relatives house. They cut their way out into the town to buy gas and are still staying in the area for now. However, it’s unknown if my co-worker’s mother-in-law still has a home, since her house was right in New Orleans. My friend and fellow blogger, Sara’s family, weathered the storm in Lucedale, Mississippi where an encouraging new article was written about how everyone helped each other during this time of clean-up. Although they didn’t face the devestation others faced, it was still the worst storms they’d seen. Laurie’s grandmother and aunt from New Orleans had to be fetched from Texas to live with Laurie’s parents, as she recorded in her blog. I’m amazed at “Miss” Daryl’s hospitality as her house, already overflowing with her son’s family who are staying while they build a house, now includes two more to make a total of eight! What memories are being made! And finally, today, my friend Marti gave us the good news that her husband’s cousin is safe after staying in the Superdome for three days. After dealing with no food for three days, horrible stench, and crime, they finally made it back home to the north where they’re from.

It’s been neat that we were able to use blogging as a way to ask for prayers and keep each other updated. Know that my prayers have been with you all! I’m so thankful everyone is safe.

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