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From House to Home: The Art of Dwelling Well

September 6, 2005

Check out this great article on called “From House to Home: The Art of Dwelling Well.” I loved this quote from the article:

“When we lived in Portland, there was a drop-in center for homeless teens called “Outside-In” I liked how this name expressed refuge from the rainy streets. But the motion of our homes is from the inside out.

We begin by seeing what’s there, creating order and bringing light, fresh food, friends and strangers into our space. The work that begins inside four walls, however, seeps out into the world around it. ‘Home can be a splendid site for the healing activity of love,’ Moran writes, ‘But it can also be the place where love can be generated for dispersion elsewhere … it can expand to encompass our neighborhood, community and the world.

It only takes a little bit of leaven to make the dough rise. The kneading, however, begins at home.”

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  1. September 7, 2005 12:51 pm

    Did you get this at the library?
    Speaking of homey things, when you were here, did you think about what color my dining room would look good in? Paul just painted the family room/kitchen a warm sagey green. I love it! He does, too, and says he wished he’d done it years ago.–>

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