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Little Italy

August 7, 2005

Friday night. The work week was over. The smells of restaurant kitchens wafted out onto the street. People set up portable chairs in the street and started unwrapping picnic dinners, pulling out wine and wine glasses. Neighbors chatted with each other and Josh and I felt like we belonged to the community as the sun began to set in Baltimore’s Little Italy. My friend Robin and her husband joined us and we left our chairs set up in Little Italy’s square and went to have dinner at the delicious Amicci’s restaurant. We savord crispy calimari and the subtle taste of fresh mozzerella, juicy tomatoes, and basil. By the time dinner was over we went back to claim our seats and settle in for an Italian themed movie that’s projected on the wall of a building. Tonight it’s Sophia Loren in “The Black Orchid.” The evening is perfectly cool. We can’t help but laugh at the melodrama and lines taht aren’t meant to be funny: “Gee mom, I’m happy!” (Yes, that’s really a line from the movie!)Afterwards, we gather our chairs and head to Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop for refreshing gelato and rich canoli.

Want a great date night idea? Little Italy on a Friday night in the summer is a perfect date. The movie is free. If you can find a parking space on the street (we did) parking is free. And if you want to save money then pack a picnic dinner, bring a couple of chairs, and you’re set. Check out the official site for more info and find the movie schedule and restaurants available at:
But hurry, there are only three more movie nights left for this year!

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