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Wedding Photos

June 14, 2005

Check it out, my wonderful wedding photographer, Whitney Wasson posted some of my wedding photos on her website:

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  1. June 14, 2005 4:49 pm

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful bride. I’d love to see all your pictures sometime.
    I heard of a tea party somebody held recently in the city where a bunch of women wore their wedding dresses to. I think that would be so much fun. How ’bout the next ladies meeting, we all wear our wedding gowns! 🙂

  2. June 15, 2005 9:04 am

    Your pictures are gorgeous; what else could be expected of a beautiful bride? But where was your head–and was that your dad’s that was cut off in the one shot? You actually paid someone to cut off your head? :)-

    I’m quite impressed w/ the photographer. I clicked on all her links. Such personality. I love the bright-eyed close-ups and the baby bottoms.

    As for Bri’s suggestion to wear our wedding gowns to the next ladies’ mtg–well, uh, maybe you younger gals can squeeze into yours, but mine’s a size 6. It’s hard to believe, I know. That was almost 19 yrs ago. We went to Barrancos’ one night w/ 3 other couples and brought our wedding albums. That was fun. I like to see the styles through the decades. Mine was the decade of Princess Explosion.

  3. June 15, 2005 9:43 am

    Yes, I confess to liking artsy photographs which is why I liked her, nothing posed! I found out about her from Jo and Brian Powell who used Whitney to take pictures of Kyle and Libby used her as her wedding photographer and she loved her pictures too (haven’t seen them yet but want to).

  4. June 16, 2005 8:36 pm

    Uh, I think Bri’s idea of wearing our wedding dresses could be demoralizing for those of us who no longer have that crazy pre-wedding, skinniest I’ve ever been, body.

    Danielle, you were a stunning bride!

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